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Social Safety Nets Project for Liberia is to establish the key building blocks of a basic national safety net delivery system and provide income support to households who are both extremely poor and food insecure in the Republic of Liberia. There are two projects of the LSSNP - Social Cash Transfer (SCT) and the Social Registry (SR).

The Social Registry (SR)

Aims at establishing the building blocks of an efficient and effecctive social protection system. It will provide a single database of potential and actual beneficiaries and an integrated MIS to enable outreach, intake and registration, determination of potential eligibility for one or more social programs, and other business process of SP programs.

The Social Cash Transfer (SCT)

Aims at providing income support to about 12,500 extremely poor and food-insecure households in Liberia through regular cash transfers and accompanying measures focusing on nutrition and home gardening.

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