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About the Liberia Social Safety Nets Project (LSSNP)

The Liberia Social Safety Nets Project was created to establish the key building blocks of a basic national safety net delivery system and provide income support to households who are both extremely poor and food insecure in the Republic of Liberia.

The project has three components. The first component is to strengthen the national social safety net system in order to improve efficiency, enhance capacity, and strengthen the national Social Safety Nets system in Liberia. This component finances the development of the Liberia Household Social Registry, defined as an information system that includes data as well as Management Information System functions, to transform that data according to basic business processes for delivering social assistance.

 The second component is the cash transfers to extremely poor and food-insecure households. The objective of this component is to provide income support to about 10,000 (Due to additional financing the number of beneficiary households has grown to over 24,000) extremely poor and food-insecure households in Liberia through regular cash transfers and accompanying measures. This component will be implemented in the Bomi, Maryland, Grand Kru, and River Gee Counties. These counties have been selected because they have the highest rates of poverty and food insecurity in comparison to all other counties in Liberia.

Finally, the third component is project management and capacity building. The objective of this component is to finance project management and capacity building of the LSSNP implemented by the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection. The component will also strengthen coordination among safety net programs at the national and sub-national levels.