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Result Framework

Result Framework

Form # County District Clan Village Address HH Head Gender Age PMT Score HH Size Program Enroled Is Enroled
Objective /Outcome 1
INDICATOR Unit Achievement
Households with complete data records registered in the SR Number 30
Share of cash transfer beneficiaries who eat at least one meal a day Percentage 12
Direct project beneficiaries, disaggregated by (i) Female-headed households and (ii) Male-headed households Number 18
Proportion of cash transfer beneficiary 24households in the target counties below the extreme poverty line Percentage 20
Share of project beneficiaries satisfied with project interventions25 Percentage 15
INDICATOR Unit Achievement
SP programs utilizing the SR Number 45
Proportion of cash transfer beneficiaries with payment tracking records logged in MIS Percentage 20
Proportion of grievance and redress cases raised under the SCT program recorded in the MIS Percentage 10
Average share of cash transfer beneficiaries receiving quarterly cash transfers Percentage 20
Share of cash transfer beneficiaries with at least one IEC session on nutrition Percentage 15
Share of cash transfer beneficiaries with at least one IEC session on home gardening Percentage 0
Cash transfer households with improved nutrition Percentage 0
VNRMC Formed Status
District Name No. of Planned Approved Rejected
East Garo Hills 80 50 30
East Garo Hills 50 30 20
East Khasi Hills 100 70 30
Jaintia Hills 70 40 30
Ribhoi 90 50 40
South Garo Hills 55 Tokyo 33
West Garo Hills 45 42 13
West Khasi Hills 85 55 30
Enrollment and Payments

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Full Extent
Full Extent
Add Intervention Sites
Umshing-mawkynroh Intervention Sites (10)
Site ID Site Name Type of Intervention Area (HA) Status View
UMSH 234 Umshing NW Nu 1 Nursery 0.3245 HA Pending no-image
UMNT 310 Umshing SE Nu 2 Nursery 0.3245 HA Approved no-image
UMNW 201 Umshing NW Chkdam 01 Check Dam 1.4456 HA Rejected no-image
UMNW 209 Umshing E CT01 Contour Trench 0.2990 HA Approved no-image